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WP No Del. No Deliverable Name
WP1 D1.1 State of the Art on Pedagogical Strategies View
WP1 D1.2 Templates of informal idSpace pedagogical strategies for creativity v1 View
WP1 D1.3 Templates v2 View
WP2 D2.1 State of the Art in Tools for Creativity View
WP2 D2.2 Semantic meta-model, Integration and Transformations v1 View
WP2 D2.3 Semantic meta-model, Integration and Transformations v2 View
WP3 D3.1 Description of Context Awareness in idSpace View
WP3 D3.2 Definition and Implementation of the Conceptual Model for Context Awareness in idSpace v1 View
WP3 D3.3 Definition and Implementation of Context Awareness v2 View
WP4 D4.1 Design Document v1 View
WP4 D4.2 idSpace Platform & User Guide v1
WP4 D4.3 Design Document v2 View
WP4 D4.4 idSpace platform & user guide v2 View
WP4 D4.5 Design Document v3 View
WP4 D4.6 idSpace platform v3 View
WP5 D5.1 idSpace User Requirements View
WP5 D5.2 Evaluation Plan & Planning View
WP5 D5.3 Report on evaluation results, Phase 1
WP5 D5.4 Evaluation Results v2 View
WP5 D5.5 Integrated Evaluation Report v3 View
WP6 D6.1 Dissemination Plan View
WP6 D6.2 idSpace Public website
WP6 D6.3 idSpace flyer
WP6 D6.4 Exploitation Plan View


Watch video tutorials about the idspace platform

Rani Pinchuk: editor of TMQL (Topic Maps Query Language) in the SC34/WG3. A working group of SC34, subcommittee of Joint Technical Committee 1 of the ISO and IEC.

Morpheus idSpace presentation at the session Applications of the TMRA 2009 conference, 11-13 November 2009, Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig, Germany.

idSpace sponsor the TMRA 2009 conference, 11-13 November 2009, Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig, Germany.

You can "meet" idSpace project @ OUNL stand @ Online Educa Berlin 2009, December 2-4 2009, Hotel Intercontinental Berlin.

"Methods & Tools for Computer-Supported Collaborative Creativity Process" By Symeon Retalis, University of Piraeus, Greece, at Online Educa Berlin 2009, Friday, 16:30-18:00, December 4, 2009.